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The Missions that Enabled the Hubble Space Telescope to Unravel Mysteries of the Universe


March 6, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

Over the course of the last 25 years the Hubble Space Telescope has opened the eyes of the public to the vast beauty and deep mysteries of the universe, and has transformed the scientific fields of physics and astronomy. These stunning contributions were made possible by a series of complex and daring human spaceflight missions using the NASA Space Shuttle. Indeed, Hubble's history is peppered by unexpected challenges and heroic, successful efforts to overcome them, from correcting the spherical aberration that was discovered as soon as Hubble opened its eye in space in 1990, to reversing the 2004 cancellation of further servicing missions and carrying out the final repair and upgrade mission in 2009.

In this talk, John Grunsfeld astronaut and associate administrator of the NASA Science Mission Directorate, will describe these amazing missions using vivid imagery from high definition still and video cameras on the final servicing mission. He will present a story about science, politics, and human drive and creativity. The success of the Hubble has depended on teams of engineers, technicians, scientists, and astronauts working together on high performance challenges for the cause of the exploration of the cosmos. The science and inspiration from these efforts have been extraordinary.

Admission is free and open to the public.

8 p.m. March 6
Philosophical Society of Washington
John Wesley Powell Auditorium, adjacent to the Cosmos Club, 2170 Florida Avenue NW
Washington, DC, 20008

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