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Hubble Image Gallery and Projection Mapping Show: 25 Years of Hubble


April 24-26, 2015
Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Marvel at some of Hubble’s most breathtaking deep space images at the Hubble Image Gallery, located inside Space Shuttle Atlantis (SM). The gallery, located just below a full-scale, suspended model of the telescope, features eight large-scale, high-definition prints of Hubble’s most iconic images captured over the past 25 years.

Even more of Hubble’s incredible discoveries are brought to life nearby in a high-tech projection mapping show, featuring 200 breathtaking celestial views of the solar system, exoplanets, stars, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, black holes and quasars. Projected onto a massive 13.5' x 24' screen via a high-definition 20K DLP projector, this incredible presentation takes you on an a journey to the far corners of the universe, much of which remained undiscovered until captured by NASA’s orbiting observatory. Admission fee for Kennedy Space Center is required.

April 24-26
Space Shuttle Atlantis
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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