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Heaven's Carousel Heaven's Carousel

Explore the science that inspired the Heaven’s Carousel exhibit.

In celebration of The Hubble Space Telescope's 25th Anniversary, a special light and sound installation created by German artist and composer Tim Otto Roth will be on view in the American Visionary Arts Museum's Jim Rouse Visionary Center plaza. The installation, titled Heaven's Carousel, links together the fields of art, music and astronomy. Conceptualized and designed by Roth, the work is inspired by novel work on the accelerating expansion of the Universe by Nobel laureate Adam Riess (Space Telescope Science Institute), Greek cosmology and Renaissance astronomers. This special temporary exhibition will be on view from April 24 thru May 2, 2015, and is part of The Hubble Space Telescope's 25th Anniversary Public Events. Visitors are invited to join us in gazing skyward at this remarkable installation, and ponder the mysteries of our expanding universe which the revolutionary Hubble Space Telescope and NASA scientists have begun to unravel. While on our wonderland campus, marvel at Andrew Logan's mirrored mosaic Cosmic Galaxy Egg, which features Hubble images of birthing new stars and dying galaxies, and Steve Heller's illuminating Stargate, created with recycled metal and antique auto parts.

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